The objective of this workshop, co-located with the General Assembly of the ICT-FP7 MiWEBA project, is to address 5G systems and architectures turned towards mm-wave overlay networks, multi-RAT and transmit power minimization in Multi-Techno Heterogeneous Networks (MT-HetNets). MT-HetNets with a large amount of frequency components up to 60 GHz, may fulfill 5G technical requirements in accordance with propagation characteristics, power and frequency regulations, enabling scalable data rate peaks in dense urban areas and front/backhaul scenarios. Such systems are optimized in several collaborative projects. The MiWEBA project is focused on mm-wave overlay networks, the ICT FP7 METIS project addresses new waveforms and multi-RAT systems, the 5GrEEn project specifically designs green clean slate system architectures based on C/U plane splitting as well as massive MIMO techniques.
The objective of this workshop, is to present, through presentations and exhibitions, outcome results of these projects with a focus on the MiWEBA project, which resorts from an EU/JP collaboration. The second objective is to develop synergies with other collaborative projects investigating similar and complementary research items.

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