8.15           Registration

9.00           Opening words (C. Gallard [Orange])

9.15           MiWEBA, a pioneer project on 5G mm-wave overlay networks (T. Haustein [FhG-HHI] , K. Sakaguchi [Osaka Univ.])

10.00         Green Spatial Focusing Techniques for MiWEBA scenarios (N. Cassiau [CEA-LETI], I. Siaud [Orange])

10.30         Coffee Break 

10.45         mmWave Channel modelling and highly-directional steerable antenna development (A. Maltsev [IMC], R. Weiler [FhG-HHI]) 

11.15         Extended C/U plane splitting and MIM

      11.15 - 11.45     Part I: RAN-level Interworking Architecture for 5G  

       millimeter-wave Heteregeneous Network (H. Peng [KDDI])

      11.45 - 12.15     Part II: Green MT Link adaptation techniques for 

       mm-wave MT-HetNets (I. Siaud [Orange])

12.15         ETSI Radio Reconfigurable (I. Karls [IMC])

12.45         Lunch

14.00         Unified air interface and Multi-Band processing in the METIS project (E. Lähetkangas [NSN])

14.30         Energy Efficient Massive MIMO in 5GrEEn (C. Cavdar [KTH])

15.00         Green oriented Cognitive Radio (J. Palicot [Supelec])

15.30        Architecture, Algorithm, Protocol for Radio Resource Management in 5G HetNet (R. Rezagah [Tokyo Tech])

16.00         Coffee Break

16.15         Demonstration Session

Time reversal platform (INSA Rennes)

Millimeter-wave small cell backhaul link (FhG-HHI, Panasonic) 

Cognitive radio based on learning game algorithms (Supelec, BCOM) 

FBMC/OQAM (Telecom Bretagne, Orange, METIS)

17.15 - 17.30         Closing workshop 


19.30     MiWEBA workshop dinner